Nintendo - amiibo E3 2014 Trailer

Nintendo - amiibo E3 2014 Trailer

Amiibo is a lineup of NFC (Near Field Communication) figures planned to be released for Wii U and 3DS. It is better than Skylanders and Disney Infinity as they aren't ridiculous money grabs for what could actually be playable. In fact, Nintendo encourages their fans to only buy the figurines they like, as it would be difficult to collect them all. The figurines do not unlock characters, instead, they are meant to be the player's own personal figurines. With that being said, the are also cross-compatible

Amiibo is said to be used for Wii U and even 3DS games.

Games that use Amiibo

Wii U


Freind comments


The Amiibos are a very interesting idea from Nintendo. Really, you can use the Amiibo to summon a helper, like  the assist trophies, but the CPU controls the player instead. Well, I liked the concept, but I'm not able to buy it, since I'm from Brazil and I own a 3DS. Besides, I'm not a collector of anything...

Animail Crossin

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