Mario Kart 8 is the eigth installment of the Mario Kart series for Wii U. It is the best Mario Kart to date, for many reasons.


  • IT'S IN FREAKING HD! And it's graphics are beautiful and sexy!
  • Antigravity is awsome
  • It's 10x better than Mario Kart 7 and uses it's features WAY better


  • Mushroom: Allows you to boost, take off-road shortcuts, and dodge blue shells if you pro enough.
  • Shells: Red ones home in on people. Green ones take actual skill to get a hit on someone with, or you can just get lucky. You can even get triple ones that can also serve as a three hit shield.
  • Blue Shell: Annoying, pointless shell that homes in on the player in first no matter what
  • Gold Mushroom: A mushroom you spam the heck out of to get a lead
  • Coin: Pointless coins that you usually get when your coins are MAXED OUT!
  • Bullet Bill: Cheap item that boosts you to first with no skill. You don't even have to do anything.
  • Star: Makes you invincible, and pops up way too often for lower rank players in Frantic Mode
  • Blooper: Pointless item that rarely blocks anyone's vision
  • Piranha Plant: Chomps every player near you and gives you a boost with every chomp
  • Super Horn: A pro Mario Kart players' dream, it destroys blue shells and other items. Too bad it rarely pops up, and you usually have bad luck, eithef getting shocked by lightning or never encountering the blue shell
  • Lightning Bolt: Annoying item that shrinks everyone and gets rid of all their items
  • Crazy Eight: Rare, cheap item where you basically spam everything to try to get a lead


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Mario kart is a good series

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